Usual Process

Applied Creativity Seminars are a marvelous tool to connect a team and to show to the attendees that the imagination is accessible to everybody, that it is very easy to create something new. As far as we are concerned, we do love to face company objectives and complex projects that require the participation of all.

You can find below the usual process that leads a company to decide to go for Applied Creativity:
    Company XYZ wishes to reach a target. If it is a sales target naturally the company requires the support of the sales management which designs a project with the help of its team...

    ...There is a probability that the wished hopes are not reached. The next solution consists in going for an external qualified consultant.
    He then prepares a report with his advice on the concerned subject but sometimes it does not simply match the company environment for a proper and complete implementation...

    ...The person responsible for the target then decides to go for Applied Creativity and agrees to get the internal support of a team to reach this target.

    1st contact Interview between the backer and Livingstone
  • Usually this exchange enables to agree on the process, to answer to questions, objectives and requirements. It can be done face to face or via email/telephone. After this interview, you will receive the offer from Livingstone Trainings.
  • 2nd contact Due diligence – Meeting with the backer, the project managers and Livingstone
  • Usually a face to face meeting. It is an important moment when the objectives are clearly formalized, the groups are constructed and the requirements structure the specification.
  • 3rd contact Acting
  • Here comes the Seminar. The trainer often arrives the day before for a last minute update with the backer to continue the next day with the seminar for about 6 hours.
  • 4th contact Reporting
  • Several exchanges are possible from a report with a synthesis to an explanation of the path taken by the attendees. It can consist into a debrief conference by the trainer.
  • Between the 1st and the 4th contact, the duration is usually around 2 to 3 months. What takes a lot of time is often the decision on the Seminar date to match the availability of the attendees.
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