I remember « not to censor any ideas »
Alexandra Audouard
Director PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Bordeaux France

Creativity is a team matter, not an individual topic; it is a logical construction, not an idea that passes through. A perfect summer school day! An appointment not to be missed!
Michel Dubreuil
Executive Director Transport RTE, La Défense France

I noted the necessity to lose one’s grip to favor the expression and creativity. I appreciated the remarkable creativity of the trainer to bring the group towards new knowledge: bravo.
Gilles Cargnello
Accountant, CPAM Pau France

Rich and explicit contribution, mind mapping interest, a rich group. I chose to come and I’m not disappointed! What a storm to save time. When do you do it again?
Christian Lembeye
Chief Doctor ENSOP, Bordeaux France

Thanks again for the workshop - everyone I have spoken to very much enjoyed the chance to put ideas forward and be "creative". I have a meeting with my team later this week to discuss moving forward on the great ideas developed at our workshop.
Alison Meston
Wan Ifra

I remember to let the energies and ideas go free, to have a clear methodology on the group creativity before to start. I lived a creative day with precious knowledge which deserve to be applied in companies as group creativity.
Gilles Laverlochère
Regional Director Vinci Construction France, Mérignac France

I remember in particular the "map minding". The speaker was very enthralling.
Fabrice Pardies
Direction, Soficar, Abidos France

I remember the work emulation on the group thinking without any hierarchy. It was a rich and interesting day. A lesson to remember: the group is the key to innovation, so to say the key of the company!
Amélie Pha
President Ausone Conseil, Pessac France

"The group is smarter than the individual". Very interesting day with concrete and applicable methods in the daily management. Thanks a lot to the speaker and event organizers!
Solange Pomarel
Superior Health Department Manager, Hôpital Pellegrin, Bordeaux France

I remember to make sure to forget your own bearings to progress and that working in a friendly mood increases the group efficiency: this day is an example to replicate in our daily activities.
Pierre Beney
Turbomeca. Tarnos France

The element I identified as being the most important is the method that enables to put into cases all the combinations and ideas associations to build new ideas. This day enables people to think differently, “outside the box” and find a new way to open one’s mind.
Jean jacques Boyer
Thales Pessac France

What I remember from this seminar is "a method" to create. What’s the use of questioning the wind direction where you don’t know where to go!
Jacqueline Helies
CHS Henri Laborit Poitiers France

Seminar participants came back enthused.
Magali Desson Lacroze
Human resource senior Manager, Amgen France

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